Since 2003, Get A Life Ministries has been actively sharing the Gospel through the very media that the enemy uses against us. Through online videos, DVD's, books, conferences and social media, Get A Life Ministries has been sharing the Gospel message with all who will listen.

Get A Life Ministries has an international audience of over 200 countries that are able to access our studies via our website, YouTube, Sermon Audio and Vimeo.

All of Pastor Billy's sermons are available on our website FREE of charge for online viewing. DVD's are available for purchase. We DO NOT copyright our media! You are free to copy (without alteration) our media, including the DVD's, and freely distribute it to friends and family. Resale is only allowed with permission from Get A Life Ministries. We ENCOURAGE you to copy our media! Sharing the Gospel is what we do and by not copyrighting our media, this allows you to do the same!

What then is my reward? Just this: that in preaching the gospel I may offer it free of charge...
1 Corinthians 9:18

Pastor Billy is a regular guest on such TV and radio programs as Olive Tree Views, Prophecy Watchers, Southwest Radio Church and Christ in Prophecy.
Pastor Billy is the Senior Pastor of Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas, NV. He is married to his lovely wife Brandie and they have two wonderful children, Rebecca and Billy. They make their home in North Las Vegas, NV.
Get A Life Ministries Studio is located in Pahrump, NV and is the primary filming location for the numerous documentaries we have produced. Three interior filming locations are available including a green screen.
Pastor Billy is a frequent speaker at many churches across the US, Canada and abroad. Contact Us for information about speaking at your church!
Get A Life Ministries attends numerous conferences each year. Check our Schedule page for locations and dates.

Get A Life Ministries, Inc - PO Box 814 - Pahrump, NV  89041 - 775-764-7573