How can you become a Ministry Partner?
With your time, treasure, talents & tongue!

1. Donations (Treasure)
The Bible says money is the root of all kinds of evil. Unfortunately it is also a required item. The servers to provide free media are a large expense of a ministry. Travel expenses, shipping expenses etc. If you have the means to donate, we hope you will consider Get A Life Ministries for your giving. Regular, monthly donors keep the bills paid and the Gospel going forth. If you don't have the means...see the next items! Click Here to set up a one time or monthly donation.

2. Volunteering (Time)
There are many ways you can help. Contact Us.

3. Working (Talents)
Get A Life Ministries is always in need of talented people. From graphic design, tax services, book translations, videography and just about any talent you have may be helpful.

4. Speaking Out (Tongue)
Give someone the Gospel! Share the media we provide freely with someone. We give you the resource and you pass it on!

5. Prayer
Get A Life Ministries needs your prayers. We rely on God to provide for the needs of the ministry. God's people should be praying for our Leaders, Teachers, Pastors and everyone involved. Not just in this Ministry but our churches as well.


Get A Life Ministries, Inc - PO Box 814 - Pahrump, NV  89041 - 775-877-5081